Let's use biodegradable plastic for the future

This Project has been entitled to be supported by the Turkish National Agency within the scope of (Cooperation Partnerships for Higher Education)
Educational Materials
An innovative curriculum will be created to develop the knowledge and skills.
Lab Videos
It is aimed to make learning more active with laboratory videos.
VR Tools
VR has the power to take the user into another place. This will be utilized in making more interactive and illustrative training materials than others.
Lecture Guidebook
The book will fill a gap in the literature, it will be one of the basic works in the related field.
Our way to succesfull future
We have developed the FutureBio project to reduce our carbon footprint, for a sustainable future and a greener world.

Our main purpose is to inform the society about systematic and scientific solutions about biodegradable plastics and to create an educational platform.


What will we do in this project?

Let's Use Biodegradable Plastic for the Future!
Digital Education Action Plan

We aim to develop high quality digital technologies for the education of universities and industrial organizations that provide
information about polymer and biopolymer and their production technologies in Europe.

A Greener World

For a more livable and greener world, biopolymers should be developed and used.
The FutureBio project has been developed to contribute to these fundamental priorities.

Increasing Awareness

It aims to benefit from innovative practices among university students, academic staff, industry workers and the society,
and to increase the competencies of academics and students with on-field training.

Digital Tools

In line with the difficulties and crises caused by Covid-19, the importance of digital education has emerged.
We aim to increase capacity and flexibility in education with these digital tools.


Information meetings, competitions and various organizations that will raise awareness will be held at the secondary and higher education level.

Project Results

Within the scope of the project, online training materials, laboratory videos, virtual reality tools and a textbook will be prepared.

Our Partners

Under the coordination of Pamukkale University,
Selçuk and Kırklareli University from Türkiye;
Cosvitec Societa Consortile Arl, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Universita Degli Studi Di Trento and Indivenire srl from Italy;
Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg from Germany;
Universitatea Tehnica Cluj-Napoca from Romania;
CTRL Reality Oy from Finland
and the related partner University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland from Switzerland will act as project partners.




Future Bio

Project Results