The Kick-off Meeting

At the meeting, all activities to be carried out for the first 6 months and throughout the project were reviewed and strategic targets were determined. As it is known, plastics obtained from organic materials, reusable and biodegradable by microorganisms are an important part of environmental and sustainability strategies, but today they constitute less than 1 %of total polymer materials produced globally. For a more livable and greener world, biodegradable polymers should be developed and used, because their diffusion in specific fields of application will help reduce carbon emissions and reach the objectives of the 'Green Deal'. For this reason, the main goals of FutureBio are to introduce organic-based bioplastics instead of traditional plastic materials that are carbon-based and their disposal is challenging, to increase their use, and to increase the awareness of the society on environmental pollution and environmental protection.

In line with these goals, necessary studies have started to develop training modules with high technology content for academic staff, university students, and industrial employees, to organize training activities for academic staff and students, and to raise awareness in the general public.

The decisions taken and the work done at the meeting are summarized below:

⮚ Determining the basic knowledge level of target groups on biopolymers by preparing surveys and interviews, work started in all partner countries.
⮚ Developing a curriculum on biodegradable polymers has been started. The curriculum will contribute to raising the qualified workforce needs of the industry.
⮚ Preparation of Lecture Guide Book studies has been started.
⮚ The studies that will contribute for producing education materials with innovative and interactive tools (e-learning, mobile learning, and VR tools with interactive videos and animations in game format) have been started.

You can follow the developments regarding the FutureBio project, where all project outputs will be prepared as open access, with newsletters to be prepared every 6 months.

Let's be aware of the environment and Let's Use Biodegradable Plastics for a sustainable future!

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